Re: For the Love of Camelot

Date: 2011-03-15 09:04 pm (UTC)
Hi. : -) You're a dear, Kat. I'd love to see all your aspects! What do you do for work--I get the impression you take care of children, is that correct?

I just read your thoughts on the Love In the Time of Dragons ep you saw this weekend and just wanted to say, loved knowing your thoughts on it, and you definitely have a way with words. I will encourage you to try your hand at fanfic at all opportunities! We agree on most things--especially the beauty of our boys, our dissatisfaction that Colin is always, always so covered up, and the sweetness of old people love. Of course Gaius wouldn't have slept with her; it was the time of chivalry!It wouldn't be considered proper until a wedding..but damn, kicking Merlin out of his room didn't really set well with me either. You dont' ask someone if it's okay that they take over their room while the other is standing right there! Geez, Gaius! You usually know better than that.
I didn't really see Merlin as angry with Gaius as sad and worried for him, but I always wonder, every time it happens, why people don't listen to Merlin, especially about magical things. He's always right. And they always choose to follow someone who just showed up, while Merlin has proven his loyalty over and over again...

Ask me sometime about my thoughts on Arthur/Gwen. I touched on it briefly in our chats on the meme..but next week's ep isn't my favorite, let's say...

So looking forward to many long and involved discussions with you on Merlin & life!

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